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Unify Data to Unlock Growth for Telecoms and IT Companies

In today's fast-paced telecoms and IT sector, operating with fragmented, incomplete data severely impacts decision making, productivity, and growth. Many companies rely on siloed systems and spreadsheets, leading to lost opportunities and profitability.

"Without a unified view of customer interactions and data across multiple sources, teams struggle to work efficiently and seize opportunities," says Michelle Livingstone, CEO of Layer Systems. "This fragmented approach to data analysis leaves decision-makers piecing together disjointed reports, resulting in an incomplete understanding of business performance."

Generic CRMs Fall Short for Complex ICT Solutions

Generic customer relationship management (CRM) systems fail to address the unique complexities of the ICT industry. Critical functions like managing cases, commissions, expiries, call plans, mixing recurring and upfront costs, and bundles get forced across multiple platforms. This cripples productivity, data accuracy, and customer experience.

Centralise Data with an Industry-Specific CRM

The solution lies in a dedicated, industry-specific CRM like The Layer. Consolidating marketing, sales, service, inventory, provisioning, engineering, and finance data into one platform creates complete visibility. Streamlining customer interactions and workflows enables real-time collaboration across teams.

With integrated analytics and reports, leaders gain a comprehensive view of performance. Granular visibility into sales, service, and key metrics allows for continuous optimisation.

Streamline stock management, provisioning, engineering, and finance with ease. Learn how The Layer optimises operations for maximum efficiency.

Integrations and Compliance Streamline Operations

Integrated billing, finance and supplier systems ensure customer data remains synchronised in real-time across all functions, eliminating wasted time reconciling errors and discrepancies. These integrations streamline processes and boost efficiency.

Moreover, an industry-specific CRM supports regulatory compliance and standardises processes company-wide. This consistency in customer interactions improves satisfaction, whilst seamless handoffs between sales, service, and renewals can increase customer retention.

Learn how The Layer can support you comply with EECC Regulations.

Unlock Efficiency and Growth

Telecoms and IT companies are turning to purpose-built CRMs like The Layer to unlock efficiency. They recognise cobbling together disparate systems is expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. The right platform and onboarding, with relevant, accurate data can optimise productivity, accuracy, and growth.

Discover how forward-thinking providers leverage The Layer to unlock transformative efficiencies and boost productivity.

In this competitive sector, success depends on complete visibility, streamlined operations, and differentiation. The Layer overcomes limitations of fragmented systems, amplifies strengths, and enables personalised customer experiences.

Join us at Comms Vision 2023 from 8-10 November and discover the pillars to success in the channel. Comms Vision has set the gold standard in inspiration, debate and opportunity creating a unique environment where channel leaders can understand the factors driving ICT sectors and position their business for growth.

Don't let a patchwork of systems hinder your business any longer. Centralise your data and teams with The Layer to work smarter, capitalise on opportunities, delight customers, and gain strategic advantages.

Book a meeting with Layer Systems at Comms Vision to learn more or schedule a demo today and embark on a more efficient, productive, and profitable future.

Paige Lee

November 1, 2023

Paige Lee


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