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Whether you're looking to grow your business, consolidate disparate systems or implement process automation, The Layer will simplify the process. Having control of your business and knowing exactly what’s going on at every stage helps you to avoid any potentially damaging problems before they impact your bottom line.

Prospect Management

Nurture your leads with our presales module, which incorporates task management, email templates, contract expiry capture and lead delegation. By using advanced features, such as appointment booking, feedback, KPI setting and reporting widgets, you can easily monitor the number of opportunities created and their quality.

Customisable Work Stacks
Full control over your lead and customer data combined with the ability to create bespoke work queues, means you can give your teams access to the right data at the right time.
Productivity Centric UI
Use our industry specific targeting and activity tools to drive the focus on sales and reduce admin time by automating the workflow and business communications.
Lead Tracking & KPI Reporting
Have real time visibility of how a team is performing, and how leads are flowing through the process using our dashboards and dedicated reporting features.
Measure Success
Customisable lead & opportunity sources, combined with real-time appointment feedback allows you to quickly see which data sources and activities are driving the biggest revenues.
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Sales Management

Let your sales team flourish with intuitive sales processes and automation. Improve task management, forecasting, reporting and sales management with a single view of all customer interactions.

Develop Your Portfolio
Real-time sales pipelines and forecasting is made simple and accurate, allowing informed decisions with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting. Having all your data stored in one platform allows you to quickly launch new products and services across multiple sales teams working from multiple locations.
Sales Cycle Management
Track all lead and opportunity interactions centrally, throughout the sales journey. Sales pipelines and forecasting is made simple and accurate. The built-in reporting and API means you can to use the data in many ways, allowing management to quickly see where to support the team to help meet revenue targets.
Feature Rich Quote Tool
Using the enhanced packages and leasing functionality, sales teams can eliminate manual processes and clunky spreadsheets to quickly create professional signable quotes, drastically reducing the lead to quote time. The built-in deal calculator and configurable approval engine allows full control over quotes that are not commercially or technically viable.
Renewals & Cross Selling
Configure bespoke work queues to show when renewal dates are approaching for products and services that your customers have with you and other suppliers. With a single view into the customer account, you can view the full history of all purchases and quickly implement renewal tactics for up-sell or retention.
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Customer Experience Management

Look after customers with our dedicated service module. With a highly customisable case management system, smart workflow, live widgets, SLA and customer feedback monitoring, your customers will never feel forgotten.

Personalised & Real-Time Interactions
Provide users with a 360⁰ single pane of glass account view. Gain valuable insights into a customer record to enable informed decisions with visibility of all notes, historical cases, orders, in-flight opportunities, and account balances.
Create and Manage Workflows
Work from one application with tailored work queues and full task and communication management. Simplify and bring structure to case management with check lists, workflow, email templates and automation.
Insightful Data, SLAs & Reporting
Manage customer expectations by monitoring response and resolution SLAs with breach notifications. Dashboard widgets allow managers to track KPIs and analyse trends that are impacting customers by case category.
Managing Communications and Feedback
Knowing how your customers feel about their experience with your company is key to retaining their business. The Layer’s feedback tool allows you capture this information in real time.
Flexible Contact Methods
With a dedicated customer portal, branded knowledge base together and triage system capable of managing multiple mail inbound email addresses, you can give your customers the choice of how they prefer to stay in touch.
Time & Cost Management
Having the ability to log the costs and time taken to manage a customer account is a powerful tool when it comes to account reviews and renewals. Our maintenance module allows you to log time against a case and deduct that from a set plan.
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The Layer has become an essential tool to ensure accurate order delivery for our UC products and services – no matter how big the project!

Jamie Andrews, Provisioning & Support Engineer, Yappl

Stock & Order Processing

Our order processing module provides a real-time, 360⁰ view of the progress of orders. Your order processing teams can manage key tasks such as: order approvals, credit checks, porting dates and stock dispatch in a single platform to reduce errors, saving both time and money.

Simplifying Order Management
Managing both basic and complex orders is made easy in The Layer. Orders are automatically created from the signed quote removing the need for multiple systems, manual processes or the chance of human error. Custom process driven work queues, order statuses and check lists deliver structure and allow multiple teams to process orders quickly and efficiently, while maintaining full control with order approval and adjustments.
Accelerated Revenue
Using The Layer to raise purchase orders, sales invoices, and control stock, together with our industry specific integrations and automated billing queue app, allows you to improve data accuracy and speed up time to revenue.
Accurate Data Entry
As well as being stressful, manually updating stock or orders on multiple platforms is vulnerable to human error with lost or duplicated orders. The Layer provides a joined-up view of all channels and acts as the automated link between them all. This means reduced errors, faster updated inventory, quicker order turnaround and better customer interaction.
Build Customer Loyalty
Keep sales teams and customers up-to-date with the progress of orders with our order tracking widgets, reporting tools and workflow emails. Use The Layer's case system, calendar function and forms to manage engineers and monitor KPIs and SLAs to ensure orders flow freely through the system.
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Marketing Management

Successful marketing engages users with the right information at the right time. Using powerful datasets within The Layer, with its ability to create beautiful HTML campaigns allows you to target prospects and customers at the right time in their buying journey. Smart analytics enable you to measure success and calculate ROI to inform future decisions.

Campaign Creation
Save time and scale your campaign activities with workflows to establish Marketing Qualified Leads. Create and schedule multi-tiered branded campaigns effortlessly to target prospects prior to the contract renewal dates that they have either with you or other suppliers. Allocate call back tasks to designated team members to follow up and convert into sales opportunities.
Compliant Communications
Use pre-built email templates to communicate service-related issues, product and pricing updates and nurture content. Break your campaign into stages to ensure you're prospecting the correct leads. The Layer makes it easy to manage contact preferences and compliance requirements with automated opt-out functionality.
Activity Tracking
Campaign dashboards and reports show ‘opens’, ‘forwards’ and any ‘click throughs’ for campaign tracking. Make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful reporting. Conversion rates and campaign ROI can easily be established to inform future marketing spend and campaigns activity.
Lead Nurturing
Set up communications once and let The Layer arrange call backs or reminders with allocated tasks to nurture and convert into sales opportunities. Sales teams can quickly access all activity logged to each record to inform of conversion tactics and follow up activity.
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Finance & Reporting

Ensuring you are collecting the right revenue and making payments in a timely manner is vital to your business success. Our Finance and Reporting module ensures you can manage all your financial processes and reconciliations in one easy to use platform without inhibiting growth.

Streamline and Automate Payments
Combine multiple systems into one platform, to accurately manage POs, invoices for one-off items, up-front charges, customer payments and credits against the invoice. Create custom work queues, to bring the finance team into your sales processes. Automate sales commissions, to reduce cost and increase transparency.
Fund and Transactions
The Layer is designed to handle the subtle nuances that happen within Telecoms and IT. Technology/kit funds and subsidies can be added at the quote stage and carried through to the order to be processed by finance and added to the account balances. Specific teams can also be given access to the transactions tab which shows all financial activity on the account with the ability to generate mini statements for the customer.
Data Accuracy
The Layer enables the precise commercials for calculating revenue, cost of sale, business forecasting and planning. Tracking goods received/not invoiced can speed up cashflow. Having visibility of credit limits and accounts-on-hold will also help reduce your ‘aged debtors’ balance.
Save time on creating reports across multiple systems and manual spreadsheets with a unique suite of reporting tools. With built-in reports, exportable dashboard widgets, secure API and SQL connector, you can forecast transactions that impact your overall financial health.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's software that enables management of interactions throughout the whole customer lifecycle. A basic CRM is essentially a database with an overview of contacts, key company information, notes, tasks, and file management for proposals and quotations.

A comprehensive CRM, when used to its full potential, enables workflow automation, unlocks insightful real-time data, improves customer service and improves sales performance & retention.

How can a CRM help my business?

Implementing a CRM and embracing digital transformation can bring many benefits, including:

  • Efficiency
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Improve current and new employee experiences
  • Access to accurate real-time data
  • Easier auditing

The Layer versus other CRMs

The telecoms industry is unique in many ways, including the handling of a vast number of products and services, different manufacturers, distributors, various providers and infrastructure owners (networks and carriers). The Layer takes this into consideration and makes managing pricing, quotations, product marketing and calculating commissions easy.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a CRM provider and most traditional supplier packages are not easily tailored to take those differences into account: cue The Layer. We've spent over 10 years designing, planning and producing our software. By combining industry knowledge and advanced development skills we have created a product that will do exactly what your business requires it to.

Will my data be secure in a CRM?

We can't speak for every CRM, but The Layer is a secure cloud-based platform.

Data is transferred between you and the The Layer service using the same AES 256-bit encryption used by financial institutions. Not only that but your data is also encrypted while stored in our datacentres.

Our application is inherently secure due to the numerous layers of security applied during the development. We’ve thought of all external and internal threats and have taken all possible steps to mitigate them. Finally, we proactively monitor any threats to our application in order to take evasive action.

We also operate both centrally managed and customer-configured backup options for an extra piece of mind. If you'd like more information how we do this and where your data is stored, visit our Technology page.

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