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A strong foundation to grow your business

We know that Telecoms & IT works differently, so we built our community-driven, industry-specific system on exactly that premise. Providing the tools & integrations to leverage growth, we work closely with our community of customers and industry leaders to stay ahead of the latest trends and changes, so you can focus on what you do best.

We're a long-term partner in an evolving market

Core Platform

Our Telecoms & IT industry-ready solution will boost your customer satisfaction, increase sales performance, revenue streams and improve operational effectiveness right out of the box.

Support & Project Management

We pride ourselves on our approach and being a supportive partner. Our professional services team work closely with our customers at all stages of the onboarding journey. Whether it's analysing your requirements and processes, setting up your unique instance, data migration or end-user testing and training, our dedicated team will be there with you every step of the way.

We also make sure that we are engage regularly with key project stake holders and share feedback on progress and any challenges.

Reading our onboarding guide will prepare you for what to expect, when to expect it and who is involved at each step.

Control & Extensibility

Functionality and tooling to allow you to customise parts of the The Layer in-house, or you can let our resident project team deliver solutions on your behalf.

A wealth of features & benefits out of the box

With so many features available, we've categorised these by module to let you explore the benefits that our platform can deliver for your business. What's more, our integrations, API & scripting platform allow you to extend the platform when you need to.

Expand & grow The Layer with your business

The Layer seamlessly connects third-party applications to increase automation and create infinite possibilities. Integrations are key for ensuring that you can share information between systems. By bringing together data from various silos into one single platform organisational productivity and efficiency will increase to benefit business growth.

An unparalleled technical feature set

Secure & Scalable Infrastructure

Built on a scalable, distributed cloud-based infrastructure, hosted in European datacentres.

Pre-Built Integrations

Pre-built integrations for finance, messaging, calendar, billing and more.

Role-Based Access

Configurable access to the web app and API via multi-level role-based access controls.

Full Administrative Control

Thousands of customisation points in order to fit the system to your organisation's needs.

Scripting Framework

A growing coding framework for platform extensibility and workflow modifications.


Fully documented role-based REST API for third party integrations.

Reasons to switch to Layer Systems

No costly mistakes

We often hear our customers say they wish they had deployed The Layer sooner. All too often we hear the common pitfalls from customers trying to develop their own systems at huge cost of time and money. The lack of knowledge from 3rd party companies or in-house developers who don’t fully understand the industry or the precise requirements; a system coded and configured by people no longer associated with the business, leaving the business exposed. The lack of thorough testing and training that results in minimal end user uptake and little or no ROI.  These are all pitfalls that we have overcome with a tried and tested solution designed specifically for the Telecoms and IT industry with a proven managed approach to onboarding and continued support.

Increased user adoption

Each department has something different to say about our products. Marketing will love the ability to help build strong relationships based on existing data. Sales can focus on their day jobs and not worry about getting buried in paperwork. Tech teams and developers can customise the platform with our extensibility framework. Finance love the tools to simplify reporting and streamline their processes. Whether you're a fast growing or start up business, our infrastructure is built to help you scale faster.

We're a supportive partner

We understand that successful deployment means getting to grips with how your unique business works and understanding your priorities.  Our Business Analysis, Customisation and Training services lay the foundations for ensuring a successful launch. We don’t leave you there. We understand that after a period of time you may want to increase functionality and gain greater business insights and our dedicated account management team are here to help you through that too. We provide continued support and resources for any technical issues you may have and make the process of working with us as straight forward as possible.

We think ahead

We are always innovating and, as such, our platform is continually developing to provide further benefits to you.  We are focused on ensuring that our Telecoms and IT partners have exactly what they need to manage their business. By anticipating changes in the industry, we ensure that The Layer is always relevant and adapts as the industry requires. Our user feedback feature ensures that future changes are driven by the people who use The Layer, making them as relevant as possible.

We strive for the best

Our vision for The Layer is to be the #1 CRM and business management platform for Telecoms and IT businesses. We are dedicated to ensuring that The Layer provides the ultimate experience for every end user and our approach is to provide a platform which is aligned with your business objectives and strategy and become an invaluable part of your business operations.  Being responsive and innovative and always using the best possible technologies, will ensure that we continue to add value and support our customers in a rapidly changing environment.

We have a skilled team

Michelle & Nick founded the business in 2010. Michelle Livingstone, CEO, has worked in the telecoms industry for over 20 years and has an excellent knowledge of the dealer channel. Her influence has ensured that the product is not driven by development but by the needs of end users at all stages in the process from business owner right through to sales user.  She has ensured that the product is focused exclusively on the needs of Telecoms and IT resellers. Nick Kewney, CTO, is experienced in delivering enterprise grade software applications. His experience in growing and managing development teams and knowledge of system design, architecture and engineering ensures that the product is built, maintained, and supported to the highest standards.

We know the industry

The telecoms industry is unique in many ways, including the handling of a vast number of products and services, different manufacturers, distributors, various providers and infrastructure owners (networks and carriers). The Layer takes this into consideration and makes managing pricing, quotations, product marketing and calculating revenue easy. There are many factors to consider when selecting a CRM provider and most traditional supplier packages are not easily tailored to take those differences into account: cue The Layer. We've spent over 10 years designing, planning and producing our software. By combining industry knowledge and advanced development skills we have created a product that will do exactly what your business requires it to.

Managed approach to onboarding

Let our experienced professional services team take the pain and worry out of changing systems with our fully managed onboarding process. They take ownership and responsibility for making sure each project is a success, and ROI-centric, minimising the risk to your business.

Business Analysis

This is the most important step for a successful project. We get under the skin of your operations by reviewing your existing systems and processes across the entire business. We present our findings, highlighting any key configuration and development requirements, to ensure we deliver a solution that fits your specific needs and goals.


Working closely with your project team, and using specialist project management tools, we will initiate and configure your unique instance of The Layer. All activity is carried out with agile development methodologies, with collaboration and check-ins at every stage.


We arrange regular reviews and hold sessions with key stakeholders to walk them through key configuration points and features. We encourage feedback and implement any relevant changes before providing access to fully test and sign off the functionality.

Data Migration

Our data team collaborate with you to carefully review your existing data structures across all data sources to create a detailed migration plan including an agreed schedule. We have over 10 years of delivery experience and understand the pitfalls that can occur so we are well versed in this important stage of the process.


End user adoption is key for maximum ROI. Our project team will ensure that all users receive customized training with supporting material for your new CRM. Our post launch process ensures we continue to collaborate and be on hand should you need any guidance.

In-Life Support

Once you are fully onboarded you will be given a dedicated account manager and contact details. Our customer portal will provide continued access to a number of tools, chat facility and knowledgebase content.

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