Integration Spotlight

Scriptable Functions is our middleware platform, which allows developers to customise Layer functionality with code, unlocking unlimited potential for extending the system. Functions work well for integrations with third-party systems, or simply for modifying or supplementing the control flow of existing Layer processes.

Using code similar to JavaScript, Scriptable Functions enables developers to add business logic to most system events, including creations, record updates, and deletes with new functionality coming every week.

With that in mind, you don't have to be a developer to work on these! We recently launched Scriptable Function Templates, which means you can select from a pre-defined template, fill in some settings, and assign this to your record type.

Some sample uses of Scriptable Functions are:

  • Send a custom e-mail when a sales order is raised 📩
  • Transmit orders to a provisioning system once paid 📃
  • Send a case rating & review to a third party system ⭐
  • Update values in a record based on custom rules 🛣
  • Create workflow rules to perform actions based on triggers 🔫
  • Relay data from one API to another 🚟

The scope of Scriptable Functions is only limited by your imagination, and the functionality available on the APIs you're getting the data from, and posting to.