A wealth of features under the hood

With so many features available, we've categorised these by module to let you explore the benefits that our platform can have in your business. There's a lot here, so if you're interested in looking at this at a higher level, head over to our What We Do page, or click on the link below.

Core Platform Features

Global Search

Search for records by any system type, including company & contact names, asset references (IMEI, serial), post code and account number.

Modern User Interface

Our fluid user interface fits to your browser window so you don't have to squeeze all that data into a fixed width frame.

Single Sign On

Use a single set of credentials to log on to all Layer platforms, and securely generate API keys assocaited with these.

Two Factor Authentication

Optionally set two-factor authentication to ensure your user logins are valid.

Work Stacks

Commonly used records can be loaded into real-time, customisable stacks for easy browsing in grids or detail.

Live Support

Chat to our service teams within the platform for quicker resolutions to team issues.

Scriptable Functions

Our middleware platform, which allows developers to customise Layer functionality with code, unlocking unlimited potential for extending the system.

Sub Company Management

Set up multiple sub companies, allowing the use of different POs, Invoices and credit notes through out the sales and onboarding journey.

Outlook Add-In

Attach emails to CRM records via our Outlook Add-In for Windows. Log in with your Layer ID to add notes to records directly within Outlook.

Presales Features

Team Resource Planner

Very quickly see the availability and activity of you teams and individual including all appointments, appointment outcomes and phones call tasks.

Telephone Preference List (TPS)

Comply with regulations by subscribing to our integrated TPS service to prevent any prospects with these telephone numbers from being called. You can override the TPS list when you have permission to call the lead.

Scheduled Call Backs

Keep engaged with prospects and customers by scheduling sales, order processing and service related call backs, which appear in users' work stacks as they fall due.

Opportunity Management

Create sales opportunities from within commonly used tasks. Update all opportunity specific tasks, notes, probability stages, quotes and close by dates in one easy to use screen.

Lead to Customer Conversion

Lead records automictically become customer records upon esign, saving time. All lead based notes and tasks will also visible against the customer record.

Lead Reassignment

Manager can permanently or temporarily assign lead ownership and access to another member of the team.

Lead Delegation

Instantly delegate permanent or temporary access of a lead to another member of your team. Great for holiday cover or absences.

Appointment Candidates

Real-time suggestions of who's in the area for appointment bookings.

Appointment Booking

The Layer provides agents with the facility to view availability and book appointments for sales representatives & integrate with Outlook or Office 365.

Sales Features

Product specific PDFs and hyperlinks in quotes

Add custom hyperlinks and or PDF attachments for specific products and services to your quotes. Ideal if you want to share detailed product specifications with a customer but don’t want to clutter up your quote.

Delegated access to lead and customer records

Quickly provide colleagues with time restricted access to your lead and customer records. These records will then be visible and accessible for that period of time by both people. Ideal for holiday cover or escalations.

Quote Duplication

Quickly recreate multiple versions of a quote so that you can give the customer various options across the suppliers you can provide.


Create packages from the different products and services you provide and choose what items you want to  round up the costs for and then show on the quote and invoice.


Configure your lease suppliers and price books in the system allowing you to then show leasing charges along side any recurring charges on a quote, which then flows into the order ready for finance to invoice.

Multiple Appointment Attendees

Access team and individual diaries and book appointments with multiple attendees with built in email work flow.

Multiple Opportunity Owners

Split opportunities between different sales teams, either as a % or a £ value. This then pulls through into the dashboards and reporting and is ideal if you have teams that work together on opportunities.

Order Progress Views

Workstacks and widgets for sales and the processing team to show the status and progress of sales orders with email notification.

Custom Products & Services

This will allow people with the permission to create bespoke products and services which can be added permanently to the price book - ideal for bespoke IT services.

Service Features

Case Re-open Workflow

Choose whether to automatically reopen a case upon receipt of an email from the case contact for a close case or to send an automated email asking to raise another case.

Case Status Response Workflow

Automatically update the status of a case from an on hold 'waiting on' status to 'In progress' on receipt of a customer email. Meaning you can respond and close off cases quicker.

Case Time Logging

Have full visibility of the time taken and cost to manage your customer accounts enabling you to prioritise your work loads and focus resources.

Basic RMM Integrations

Take action on cases coming into mail triage with the ability to auto create or close cases and auto allocate the case to a team and define the category and sub category.

Response & Resolution SLAs

Monitor and manage your response and resolution SLA with porting and provide you with the key service KPI metrics.

Product Classification Management

Sales can specify classifications at quote stage e.g. New/Port/Migrate, which flows through to orders.

Product Categorisation

This will allow for category based reporting, quote approval and sales order check lists e.g. 365 License, Vodafone Voice, Horizon License, SIM Free device, IT Hardware and MSA.

Multiple Account Numbers

You can store multiple accounts numbers against the customer asset in The Layer e.g. SAN & BAN.

Maintenance Plans & Support Contracts

Use the time logging feature in our case module to deduct any service or engineering time from a time specified contract e.g. log 3 hrs of support against a 100 hour support contract and then sell additional hours when their balance is running low.

Marketing Features

See Campaign Activity Against Lead or Customer

Sales can quickly see all campaigns received by that lead/customer to help spark up a conversation and reason to call.

Multi-Stage Campaigns

Schedule multiple emails and follow up tasks, using trigger dates based on when you want that event to happen.

HTML email campaigns and templates

Simple easy to use interface to quickly build marketing campaigns.

Bespoke targeted campaign data

Build targeted lead and customer data lists around specifics such as contract expiries and renewal dates, old products and services.

Track campaigns and monitor success

Built in tools for monitoring and reporting on campaign opens, links clicked on and email forwards.

Trigger Service Updates from Work Stacks

Build staged campaigns to keep inform customers and keep them updated of any service outages and issues.

Manage campaign element costs

Log and track the costs of each element of a campaign so you know what resources to invest to get the maximum ROI.

Measure ROI on your marketing campaigns

Multiple Campaigns can be logged against an opportunity which is then visible in the sales reporting, giving you the ability to fully measure the success and ROI of you activity.

Stay GDPR compliant

Manage contact preferences at the point of record creation and in life and from within the individual elements of your marketing campaigns.

Finance Features

Key Finance Information

Easy access to and better visibility of all key financial details including quote and order stage finance reports, profit variance reports, PO's and invoices, account transactions with statement generator.

Supplier Payment Reconciliation

Save time and improve accuracy with integrated reconciliation of the Vodafone PPP with orders processed in The Layer and auto creation of query reports meaning quicker resolution and payback

Sub Company Management

Set up multiple sub companies, allowing the use of different POs, Invoices and credit notes through out the sales and onboarding journey.

Sage 200 & Sage Intacct Compatibility

Full integration with the finance platforms giving visibility of all account balances, credit limits, transactions and account statuses by sub company

Purchase Order Management

Generate PO references and POs in The layer and email direct to supplier and manage via stacks by PO Status e.g. Delivered, Part Delivered, On Order, Created, Approved and Cancelled which can be matched against supplier invoices.

Sage Intacct Integration

Centralised place for automating and managing customer records, orders and billing

Nominal Code Management

Manage your nominal codes with visibility from price book to quote to final invoice and at asset level.

Invoice Management

Improved process for invoice creation by sub company and reconciling (up to Intacct) and the ability to invoice for multiple items at different times.

Credit Control & Debtor Reporting

Single view of all account balances in the customer record and view of all transactions (based on full not part integration with Intacct).

Reporting Features


Sales reporting data is driven from the sales orders which in turn comes directly from the price book items from within the quote. This means your financial and forecasting data is as accurate as it can be and doesn't rely on guesswork from sales.

Daily Updates

Receive daily digest email for sales and service and the ability to create scheduled emails of your favourite work stacks.

Forecasting Reporting

Reduce the time taken to generate the reports for business intelligence and management reporting - bespoke forecasting report and data feed to generate your own reports.

Stock & Ordering Features

Contract End Management

Contract end date at asset level is auto populated from data capture so no need manually populate.

Carriage Charges

Carriage can be added to quotes and is managed on the sales order meaning you can bulk order from the suppliers

Barcode Scanner Integration

Save time by using a bar code scanner to book stock in/out and to create your own bar codes e.g.  IT team can log router details.

Auto Sales Order Creation

Sales orders are automatically created when the customer signed the quote with email notification to the SO team and dedicated SO stacks by category and status.

Batch Asset Updaters

Assets are automatically updated on order conversion and ca be edited in bulk via batch editor.

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