Case Study

Delta 365

Hear the business owners explain why they have introduced The Layer into their businesses and how it has facilitated their exit strategy.

Transcription of Case Study

My name is Seamus O'Neill, and I'm the founder of Delta 365. We provide hosted telephony, business mobiles, commercial energy, and IT services to the business community in London and the home counties.

My name is James Deag. I'm the Sales Director here at Delta 365. We've been using The Layer for a number of years now.

So we were looking around for a solution to streamline our business and to make it more efficient, and we looked at a number of other CRM tools that we could use. We found that they were either vastly expensive or they wouldn't provide the flexibility that we needed for our business.

Obviously there are hundreds of benefits to using The Layer, but some key benefits, no more spreadsheets. As a salesman myself, the headache of using multiple spreadsheets, just to get one deal complete ... It makes my job a lot easier liaising with the provisioning team, so we are more in sync with each other and it's nowhere near as clunky.

From our initial discussions with the team at The Layer, we noticed that they already had a really good understanding of what our requirement was, and from that point through to actually when we committed to The Layer and then all the way through to the implementation, we found it was excellent and they had a thorough knowledge of what we needed, and often delivered more than we were actually expecting.

In terms of how The Layer has helped me as a Sales Manager, it's really allowed me to trust, whilst monitoring the team. It's allowed me to not micromanage them, so I can get on with my day-to-day tasks as Sales Manager, but also when I need to, do performance reviews, stuff like that, it's invaluable.

As we grow, it's very scalable as well, The Layer, which is, yeah, really important for us.

We absolutely see The Layer as being a vital part of our business and a really strong partner. In my previous role at another company we also used The Layer, and therefore implementation into my new company was vital and I couldn't envisage us being able to succeed without having The Layer as our CRM to do everything.

A couple of years ago, at the company that I was working for at that time, we were preparing for the sale of the business, and one of the real advantages of having The Layer in place was that we had all our contracts in one place. We had exactly the amount of mobile numbers, landline numbers, circuits, connections, everything was in one single place, so when it came to doing the due diligence, we were literally able to provide every single bit of information that was required for the sale, which proved invaluable to us and saved us hours and hours and hours of time preparing that.

One of the main things is the efficiencies. Everything is done faster. The salespeople are able to generate their quotes faster. The provisioning team were able to provision everything faster, and therefore all that efficiency that we saved, we've been able to use that to go out and help with more customers or provide better support to our existing customers.

Using The Layer has absolutely transformed our business, and for any company out there, who's involved in telecoms, or in IT, I would not hesitate to recommend The Layer for their business.

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